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Brain tumors are complex.
Your care does not have to be.


Who We Are

We are a team of surgeons, anesthetists, neuropathologists, neuroradiologists, nurses, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, social workers, and patient representatives who are comitted to improving the way brain tumor care is approached and provided.

Who We Are

MRI Scans

What We Do

The Queen's Brain Tumor Program (QBTP) is committed to supporting patients and their loved ones as they travel through each phase of their brain tumor journey. This support occurs in a variety of forms and requires proper coordination of care teams.

What To Expect

While each patient's care is distinct and tailored to their individual health goals, there are certain standardized milestones that patients can expect to experience within an established time frame.

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Where To Learn More

Find helpful links for brain tumor-specific educational webpages, various foundations, advocacy groups, support communities, and relevant hospital divisions.

Physician & HCP Resources

Referral Forms and Patient Educational Brochures

This section provides access to our standardized QBTP & Cancer Clinic referral forms as well as educational brochures that have been designed for, and can be given to patients who are newly diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

Patient & Family Resources

Brain Tumor Word Bank

Click below to for a brain tumour word bank compiled of commonly used medical terminology and their definitions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click below to for some of the most frequently asked questions we get from the patients at QBTP

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Research Opportunities

Queen's Translational Branch Website

Interested in QBTP research developments? Curious about ongoing clinical trials? Here you can find various research opportunities for patients, students, and clinicians.

Contact Us

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Queen's Brain Tumor Outreach

The QBTP is fueled only by philanthropic donations and grant applications.  Your donation will help expand our impact. 

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